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Project management is made easy with the software’s modern interface and efficient planning tool. Odoo  Project is your key to more collaborative teams and real-time project management. You can enjoy visual  overview of all your projects, similar to a whiteboard with sticky notes. 
You may maximize efficiency by using Odoo Timesheet App. This complementary app supports workflows  and productivity forecast. Employees can sign in/ out and encrypt their work. Managers can simply validate  everything before invoicing.

Our footprint:

Issue tracking system to manage issues users might face in projects, such as bugs and errors.

Project/Task Deliverables:

Management has more control and focus on project deliverables with the ability to drill down to each deliverable related task.

Customer Feedback :

Allow ratings per task/project.

Timesheet Billing:

Generate timesheet billing lines based on different employees’ timesheets.

Integration with MRP:

Users can create manufacturing orders based on project tasks and vice versa.