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Stay ahead of the game with Oracle Financials applications. Streamline and evolve your financial operations with agility and efficiency worldwide. Worry no more about complex, business environments, and easily track each penny that comes in and goes out to improve your financial reporting and make informed decisions. 

Financial Control & Reporting (Oracle General Ledger)

Financial Control & Reporting (Oracle General Ledger) 


  •      Credit-to-Cash (Account Receivables)

Procure-to-Pay (

Procure-to-Pay (Account Payables)


Asset (Fixed Assets)

Cash & Treasury Management

  • Cash & Treasury Management

Here are samples of our custom solutions:

Asset Control and Assembly System

A fully automated custom solution to synchronize assets between inventory and asset modules encompassing asset assembly and de-assembly in inventory, de-assembly in site, issuing assets from inventory to site, returning assets from site to inventory, and transferring assets between sites.

The solution considers the current value of assets and distributes the cost on the components based on pre-built templates or directly on the order level. Additionally, it links the components with their parent assets and reflects all changes on the inventory and fixed asset modules.

The solution uses Oracle Application Framework (OAF) including Oracle standard APIs and interfaces; therefore, it is easily integrated into Oracle E-Business Suite.

Direct Cash Flow

The solution links each payment in the system with a corresponding element in the direct cash flow statement. This customization includes additional fields in the payables module, PL/SQL processes and Excel reports.

Account Generator

The solution customizes the account generator workflow to correctly generate the account in the cost distribution of the purchase requisitions and purchase orders based on customers’ preferences.