Customer Loyalty 

 A powerful customer loyalty system that brings more engaging incentive programs and increased customer retention.   

The customers enjoy using the Mobile Application to view their points, browse through the company products, give feedback, and create a favorite list. 


Redeem points
Reward your customers with endless options such as discounts, freebies, and perks. 

Smart and flexible points manager
Adjusts to your business demands based on customers’ behavior. Set points by specific events, fixed/relative to purchase, extra points per product, and more.

Digital referrals included in incentives and rewards. Grant points to customers each time their referee gets points.

Online shopping
Convert points to value. 

Connect across multiple touch points channels (mobile app, SMS, emails). 

Site Management
Simple Publisher allows you to customize your feeds, news, calendar events, and so on and so forth.


Provide the option to create rules for activities on ground, academic aspects, and details related to teachers. 

To avoid conflict, generate a school timetable for each academic year or semester based on rules and restrictions for each physical or academic structure, as well as teachers.