GPS Tracker 

Happy Sales: Make your Sales Reps and Customers Happy

 EBTECH has utilized its expertise to build up a user-friendly GPS Tracker App to make sure you don’t miss out on leads and prospects, and boost your sales. 

This smart application assists with streamlining your sales process and supporting your field reps’ performance.   

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   Make informative decisions about prospects who won’t turn into customers. Use the location- based time tracking to decide which efforts are worthwhile to pursue and which drain the most resources.   

  Create day plans for your salespeople that are automatic. For example, the app will display the number of meetings booked and the targets for the day. The app’s map will also help the reps plan their route.   

  Send alerts about traffic and problematic routes to make your salespeople’s lives easier.   

  The real- time location tracking allows you to quickly send help to employees in case they need support or assistance.   

  Show on the map locations of leads/prospects.

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Improve Productivity & Encourage Transparency    

  Performance appraisal connected with an incentive system.  

  Leverage the data to figure out who is most suited for sales and who isn't. Time tracking can help guide employee reviews with tangible data, thereby salespeople with lower sales can figure out ways to improve.   

    Accurate, real-time data gives sales reps the chance to avoid any accusations of negligence or slacking.   

    Geo-fence your sales reps' tasks to prevent them from logging meetings from the wrong places. Location tracking will limit the number of fake meeting logs, ensuring that you always have accurate data.