Kitchen Management System

Eliminate the Unnecessary so that the Necessary Can Speak

Many solutions are out there in the market for each restaurant function; however, they may complicate your restaurant workflow when they are not thoughtfully integrated.
For EBTECH,  it is not only a kitchen display screen,
it is a kitchen management system that includes different solutions which seamlessly work together, giving your restaurant a competitive edge and making things simple for your staff. 

EBTECH’s Kitchen Management System is designed to be easily integrated with other solutions/software.  

Run your kitchen at full speed, reduce human error, and diminish waste.

The Kitchen Management System has a digital order view screen that routes orders from the point-of-sale (POS) to the appropriate cooking stations. Not only does it improve communication with/in the kitchen, but it also keeps track of your inventory in real time.   

At the stroke of a button, you can display a dish's ingredients and cook time, and notify waiters/ delivery team when the order is ready.

 BTECH offers a kitchen management system that is easily customized to cater for different types of restaurants

Fine Dining: 

In a fine dine restaurant with a comprehensive technology suite, create unforgettable guest experiences.

Casual Dining:   

With a single platform optimized for casual diners, you can turn more tables and boost revenue.

Fast Casual: 

A platform for increasing throughput in high-volume fast casual settings.

Fast Food/ Pizza: 

Give your guests an amazing experience and a plenty of choices with this platform that streamlines and simplifies ordering, takeout, and delivery. 

Food Truck:  

A platform designed with simple and flexible POS features to get you up and running quickly while you’re on the go. 

  Café Bakery:    

Turn your guests into regular customers by indulging them in interactive digital experiences. 


A reliable, secure system for multi-location restaurant groups.