School Management

  The School Management System is a cutting-edge cloud-based educational ERP / campus management system. Simplicity, sophistication, and security are the three main pillars of its design philosophy.

A single platform with adaptable architecture, stock and inventory management, transport tracking, and more.

Data Driven Management  Customized to Curriculum  Easy & Elastic Expansion

A Mobile App is included in the system to allow parents to view and track their children’s progress and assignments, and to communicate with the school administration. 

Admissions, students, and parents can all benefit from this integrated software solution with over 40 modules.

Here is a glimpse of some of our modules: 

Academic Management:

Manage your academics covering teacher skills, school levels, grades, sections, assignments and assessments, grade books, and results, with simple and easy-to-use flows.

Student Management :

has never been easier with the 360-degree data processing and admission management cycle that includes student document management and storage.

HR Management:
Fully-fledged management of employees and teachers including qualifications, training, dependents, reviews, payroll, transfer/promotion administration, and account management, among other things.

Provide the option to create rules for activities on ground, academic aspects, and details related to teachers. 

Inventory and Infrastructure Management:
Organize and manage information on your physical infrastructure, such as buildings and rooms. Manage your inventories as well.

Transport Management:
Never be lost in details and stay up to date. Simply manage your entire fleet of vehicles, drivers and their related documents, and make use of the available alerts. 

Site Management: 
Simple Publisher allows you to customize your feeds, news, calendar events, and so on and so forth.

To avoid conflict, generate a school timetable for each academic year or semester based on rules and restrictions for each physical or academic structure, as well as teachers.