Transportation Management System 

Rest Assured about YOUR People’s Safety 

One of the top priorities of every business/school management is providing better safety to the staff / students while they are commuting from home to site and vice-versa. 

The transport management system assists businesses in better structuring and managing their trip needs. 

The system is seamlessly integrated into ERP systems and offers the following features:

The transportation software manages information such as vehicle numbers, target passengers, and allocation of drivers to vehicles on daily basis. 

On- Map reporting shows updates on pick-up routes on day-to-day basis.

Whether it is a group pick point or individual pick points, the management can effectively and efficiently plan vehicle routes, manage vehicle trips, and keep track of every single detail.   

Additional Feature for schools (GPS): Once a student checks in on a school bus, two push notifications are immediately sent to parents using a handy mobile application by drivers or vehicle assistants.