supply chain management

ERP - Oracle  / supply chain management

 Oracle’s SCM provides a bird’s eye view to your enterprise’s processes from operations to inventory to logistics to sales in a modernized, smart way. It empowers your employees and SCM partners by reducing bottlenecks, automating tasks, saving time and cost.  

Here are samples of our custom solutions:

Account Generator

The solution customizes the account generator workflow to correctly generate the account in the cost distribution of the purchase requisitions and purchase orders based on customers’ preferences.

Inventory Security by Sub-Inventory 

The solution secures the inventory operations by sub-inventory, thereby restricting users, they cannot issue, transfer or manage items outside their accessible inventory.

 Landed Cost Management 

A fully customized solution into oracle E-Business Suite developed by APEX to manage the estimated and actual costs of purchases and reflect these costs into the inventory and the item cost.

  Inventory Issuing to Asset Integration  

An easy solution which reflects issued assets from inventory into the standard interface of the asset modules based on item attributes.